Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant: Best In the Business

This hyped product hardly needs a review yet I am here to let you know whether it worked for me and are all the praises worth it.

Its #paulaschoice 2% BHA Liquid exfoliant, basically Salicylic acid that removes dead skin cell. I use it just for that atleast.

Earlier we all used to use scrubs and honestly I got a very satisfying result. I can even name the scrub I used to use, yes, you guessed it right St. Ives Apricot scrub. I used to scrub my face with it once a week and was happy about the way my skin looked.

But then my deteriorated skin condition compelled me not to use anymore because my skin condition was such that scrubbing would literally cause injury. And I stopped using scrubs.

The next exfoliant I used was a good one and everyones favorite but that would be a discussion for another time. So stay tuned for the reveal and review.

Anyways, this exfoliant is very gentle and brought a nice glow to my face. I am still struggling with dullness but after using this exfoliant I have noticed an improvement. I have no pore issues so, yeah.

My skin is pretty sensitive yet I was able to use it everyday, though I prefer using it once every two days. Using it both morning and evening, daily wouldn’t be my thing because one, its an expensive product and two, I think its a waste and my skin doesn’t need that many usage of this product. So even though I think my skin can handle it, I never tried using it twice a day.

Recently the brand did a 21 days challenge and for me it didn’t take 21 whole days to show the result. Having said that if you are expecting drastic change that’s unfair. It requires time to show what its true potential actually is and if you are a sensitive lass like me you must expect only a slow but effective change on your face.

How do I use it and when?

I cleanse my face at night and apply a toner. Which toner you may ask. If so stay tuned to know.

Then I take a cotton pad, drop 4-5 drops of this exfoliant and pat it on my face. More than patting I actually swipe it all over my face, except the eyelids.

So, am I repurchasing it or switching to another? No, mam, coz I have already placed my order for it.

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