Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock: Doesn’t Blend Well

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock was my second attempt to try on sunscreen. The first attempt was way back, almost a decade ago, and the experience was so bad that I neither could finish that product nor I could convince myself to try another for years.

Guess which sunscreen I am talking about. It smelled great and that was the only good part about that one. So, does the Neutrogena SPF 50 offer me something different? Lets find out.

After years of negligence when my skin was going through its worst phase possible, I decided to take care of it. And the experts said nothing works without a sunscreen.

If you don’t know already, Neutrogena hydro boost water gel compelled me to buy everything I need for my face from Neutrogena. Also it was a brand easily available and somewhat affordable for me. So, I bought it and started using it. They had other options as well but I went for SPF 50 straight.

Unfortunately, I stopped using it midway. One reason was because at that time I couldn’t convince myself to use an SPF even if I am not going outside. I rarely see the sun due to my lifestyle so only thought of using it when required. So it was left unused in my drawer for a couple of months.

The next time I started using it was when I felt I am wasting the product as its expiring. That was how I convinced myself that I need to use sunscreen even if I am at home. Then I also applied the finger method, perhaps two fingers. I am still not sure about the process because some uses a straight line of a sunscreen on two and some on three fingers. Let me know if you guys have a clear idea.

And the finger method and its quantity left a bad whitecast on my face and it looked greasy. There was no way that I could leave my house looking like a greasy ghost. I find it hard to get used to things that are oily, greasy, sticky. So, once again I lost all my interest in finishing up this sunblock.

What I loved about this sunblock is its fragrance. I can smell it for hours. Its a mood freshner. Also if I am not using a ton, then it blends well on my face. But then does a sunscreen work that way? Let me know in the comments.

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