The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream: Are Eye Creams Really Expensive Moisturizers?

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream is the first ever eye cream I have tried and the only one till now. Unfortunately the experience is not smooth but quite bumpy.

It has last me forever even though I tried it regularly. So, in that aspect its worth it. But then eye creams are known to be used just a little.

The first time I started using it I saw no difference. Then the second time I used it I liked the feel of it under my eyes. My undereye felt hydrated.

However, the biggest problem with this eyecream is whenever my eyes get watery even a bit,my eyes sting. And I am among those persons who get teary eyes with just a yawn. So, its a struggle.

So, though I couldn’t finish this up as of now, I am not going to totally negate its positive effect. Those of you who do not have sensitive eyes can try it definitely.

Do I feel eyecreams are expensive moisturizer? No. They are expensive but you are definitely the blessed ones who can use any and every product close to your eyes. A product that doesn’t suit your eyes can sting them, cause massive headache, wrinkle and what not. So, if you need one always invest in a eyecream because they good ones are meant to be used on and around your eyes.

Let me know what you think about this whole debate in the comment section.

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