Physicians Formula All Star Face Palette: A Pallete You Need

Physicians Formula All Star Face Palette is that one palette I am using nonstop. I love having it on my face. In some cases pertaining the products I cant stand strong fragrance but this one smells heavenly. Such an affordable palette with six of the most beautiful makeup products.

I love each one of the six pans, one might lag, tad bit in my favoritism, the pearl highlighter, to be precise. Its not my vibe but I still use it in my inner corners and sometimes as a highlighter too. Sparkly but not my favorite.

The multi colored pressed powder I use all over my face to set my foundation. Due to the multiple colors in one pan the finish on my face comes out very natural. Love it.

The blush too is multi-colored, pink, brown, dark brown and just like the powder, the different colors make the blush one of a kind. The pigment is not overpowering. It suits my brown skin stone just perfect. And its a blush which looks so beautiful with little hearts over it. Pretty and perfect.

We have two star bronzers as well and I use both on my face one after the other. The matt one is a bit darker and the lighter one has slight shimmers on it. Its not a highlighter but it has shimmers. Blends great and brings color to my flat foundationed face.

Lastly, the rose gold highlighter. I love the highlighter, its not too overwhelming like the pearl one hence my liking increases for it. It brings a subtle glow on my face and I need just that.

I have also used the bronzers and the petal glow as eyeshadows and the look came out really impressive. So, if you haven’t got this affordable palette with six stars in it then grab it. Extremely handy while traveling. Highly recommended. Now I know why @glamlifeguru was all praises about this one. Well deserving.

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