Burt’s Bees Baby Dusting Powder: Talc-Free And I Am Sold

Talc Free is what it took for me to purchase multiple bottles of this Burt’s Bees baby dusting powder. I mostly use this powder to keep my baby’s diaper area nice and dry. I also use it around his neck area and under arms after bath and whenever needed.

It is not totally fragrance free but the fragrance is mild, all natural, to an extebt that you might start considering it a fragrance free product. Though I do not mind powder with strong fragrance, this one being mild doesn’t bother me a bit.

You must not apply this powder on your baby’s face, rest you can use it on every part of his body. It serves my purpose of keeping the diaper area rash-free. The other qualities like its scent, it being pediatrician tested, and made for baby’s delicate skin are complete bonus.

I got the original one and was hooked and the next time I ordered it, the look of the bottle completely changed. I felt a slight difference in the fragrance as well. The only difference they made in the ingredients are instead of montmorillonite they have used kaolin. The rest of the ingredients are all same.

If you want to know which powder I would use if not this one, I have a favorite already. Stay tuned to know the detailed review.

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