Brigeo Don’t Dispair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask: Your Hair Need This

Brigeo Don’t Dispair Repair deep conditioning mask is the IT conditioner for all hair types. I have used it, the entire tub, yes, you can see its almost empty now.

After shampooing my hair I use this mask all over my head, from root to tip of my hairs. A little massage and then I wait for 10 minutes for the mask to do all the good stuff to my precious hairs. Though I am not very sure about applying it on the root thing, I follow the instructions. After 10 minutes I rinse my hair and for some reason my hairs take longer to dry. I notice a little more hairfall compared to the other conditioner I use but I need to be dead sure whether this conditioner is the reason for that hairfall. Guess which other conditioner and shampoo I use.

I religiously air dry my hairs. Reason? That will be a long story. But lets have a start from this post.

My hair type is fine and wavy, almost curly at the end and during all the issues I have faced regarding my skin as stated in some of my earlier posts, my hair was also going through the worst. The hairfall was scary, my scalp was itchy and I almost was on the verge of getting bald patch on one portion of my head. Random shampoos just like the facewashes and creams were turning the situation to worst for me. I nearly stopped combing my hair because the hairs in the comp and in my hand would freak me out.

The story is too long to share in just few words and that entire hair journey was too long and took several products to survive. So, for now, long story short lets say tjough I notice hairfall, this is one of the few products that worked on my hairs and made them look fuller and pretty, specially when I comb my hair.

To know about the few products that worked on my hairs and to what extent, stay tuned.

By the way can someone tell me why exactly the lid of the tub looks so different as if its not the lid of this tub! It bothers me.

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