Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel : My Love For This Product Knows No Bound

When I thought nothing would work for my overly damaged sensitive skin, this one worked as a boon. By the way, this was not an affordable product. It still isn’t for a lot of us. So if it wouldn’t have worked on my skin when I needed, I would be in shock.

My skin was at a stage where anything touching my face would cause acne, rashes and what not. The little bumps all over my face would pinch me like nothing, after all I had clear, glowy skin all my life. During that period, I couldn’t even use facewash because that would also react.

The biggest mistake I made when nothing was working was trying home remedies with cooking ingredients to get rid of the bumps and spots. My face would hurt but I endured thinking its working as my face is burning. Burning means the bumps are getting killed from within. Little did I know the level of damage I was causing to my face. That was when my face looked wounded specially around the nose area. The condition of my skin was so bad that when I applied even this moisturizer, it would burn then as well.

My extreme skin condition compelled me to invest on a product that was too expensive and unnecessary for me. Unnecessary in a sense that why anyone needs a moisturizer over $5! I was wrong and learnt the hard way. But the thing was the afforadable moisturizers that worked for me once, stopped working hence the extreme skin reaction, right?And since then I have bought couple of these. This product made me realize when you need it and it works so well you must invest on good products even though they seem pricey. Investment on good products is worth it when the stake is your skin.

It is lightweight, gets in your skin in seconds, non-sticky, and most importantly it healed my skin within a week. And the fragrance it has is just too precious for me. It takes me back to one of my high-school classrooms, a specific one. Insane.

They say it works the best on oily skin but my skin is not. My skin is dry and sensitive.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel worked liked magic on my skin, hence all the praises. So did I like the gel cream and facewash from the same line? Stay tuned to know the experience I had.

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