Laneige Radian-C Cream & Original Lip Sleeping Mask Sample: Bought The Latter And About To Buy The Former

Today I have this two sample products by Laneige. Both are bestsellers. Now the question is, do I agree with the bestseller vibe.

The little orange tube is the Radian-C cream and the tiny pink tub is the original lip sleeping mask.

I have already talked about my lips elaborately. They always need hydration. The more the lip product has hydrating properties, the less I need to reapply lip balm. There was a phase where I used to have balm on lips 24/7. Not because it made my lips pretty but because I needed to. If my lips didn’t have balm over them, I would feel it pronto.

The Laneige lip sleeping mask has by far the most beautiful texture about it other than having great ingredients. So even if its too pricey for me to purchase it again and again I will repurchase it after finishing my already purchased tubs. It was worth buying. It not just works on my lips to make them soft and pretty, but also enhances the appearance of my lips. Its good to look at the lips when the lip balm is on.

Now I am a noob when it comes to skin care. Facewash and moisturizer, that’s all I knew my entire life. But age had to make me learn new stuff. Laneige sending me this sample tube of their Radian C cream with other skin care products I purchased and my urgency to use every little drop or ounce of a product made me use it and now I am excited to buy the full size Radian C cream. Was this small tube enough to turn my skin to something extraordinary, NO. Thats impossible. But what it did is letting me know that my skin needs Vitamin C and this one is IT. I loved the fragrance, texture, its not being sticky and being very ligthweight. My skin basically loved to have it over.

That’s it. I will soon share all the skin care products I am currently using, also what and what not has worked for me. Trust me when I say those of you who are like me, very new, I am getting introduced to a lot. Till then enjoy the skin care gems you love.

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