Lip balm that grew on me – S l o w l y

Lip balm that grew on me – S l o w l y.

Lip condition – Sand paper like, exaggeration, of course, but not too far fetched considering lips are suppose to be soft.

Preferred lip balm – Slight fragrance, not tinted, no taste, not too sticky, and the one that doesn’t cause rashes on my lips.

Bought this one due to the packaging. Its too eye-catching to ignore.

This lip balm has a nice fragrance but a little too strong for my liking, has a strong taste, is tinted and the color washes me out, but it works great on my lips.

During first few uses, got overwhelmed with the taste. Candy, fruity lip balms are not for me, clearly. The moment the balm reached my tongue, I felt it and it got me every time. I had to continue using it coz not gonna waste a product, especially when I am using it at home and the balm soothes my always wounded lips. But I took my time to get used to the taste.

Am I going to buy it again. Of course. But there is a big but. I will definitely prefer another shade. The darker one, probably the Berry Sorbet. Sweet Peach washes me out. They have other colors available. This one is perhaps the lightest of the available ones. If I buy this tinted balm again, I will definotely skip sweet peach, will skip the darkest or brightest of tints too, as I do not prefer tinted lip balms so as less tint as possible that suits my skin tone is much appreciated.

My skin tone is a topic for another discussion. For now its a yay from me for this lip balm.

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